Susan Caplan is the founder and creative director of Susan Caplan.

Susan’s surroundings were inspirational from her earliest days. She was raised by a family of passionate antique collectors, who also had a deep appreciation for contemporary style. London’s post-war art and architecture scene was bursting with remarkable new designs, many of which could be found in her family house.

Designed by revolutionary architect, Walter Segal, her childhood home featured floor to ceiling windows, woodblock floors and a kitchen personally designed by Terence Conran.  Classic Georgian furniture mixed with ultra-modern fifties’ pieces, created a remarkable atmosphere that would deeply influence Susan’s sense of style and creativity.

Professionally, Susan turned her hand to antiques, honing an exceptional eye for detail and quality. Vintage jewellery eventually drew her focus and in 2008, she created Susan Caplan Vintage.  From her London office, she curates sublime collections of hand-picked pieces for the finest retail stores in the United Kingdom. Susan Caplan is currently the UK market leader for vintage jewellery and can be found online and in stores around the world including the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Stores include: Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Susan has never forgotten the eclecticism of her childhood home, and has long-desired to find the same harmony of old and new in her own work. In 2015 she designed her contemporary collection, combining the quality and craftsmanship of her vintage selections with a new and thoroughly modern aesthetic. Inspired by Scandinavian design and modern art, as well as iconic seventies jewellery collections, Susan has designed a line of sleek and wearable jewellery. Strikingly understated, timeless and utterly versatile, Susan Caplan jewellery can be customised and combined to make it entirely unique.