Vintage Jewellery

Susan and her team of expert buyers travel the world, bringing back unique and limited jewellery that might otherwise never make it to these shores. Every piece in these collections is individually curated by Susan. Her philosophy is simple; she only buys jewellery that she loves and that meet her standards. She has an instinctive eye for unique pieces that are as stunning today as they were in years gone by.

Vintage jewellery is a renewable resource. “Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our brand consciousness” explains Susan. “The fashion industry is one of the prime suspects of polluting our planet and we want to advocate sustainability by giving jewellery from the past a new lease of life. Many of our never-before-worn pieces highlight the synergy between vintage and contemporary style.” 

Additionally, 90% of our packaging is recycled and recyclable. All of our pieces have been authenticated by Susan. Any signs of age are part of the unique character of our vintage jewellery. Preserve their charm by handling with care and avoiding contact with liquids and other beauty products as these can damage them. Store flat and out of direct sunlight.

Contemporary Jewellery

Great care has been taken to create your jewellery. The condition of your jewellery is influenced by many factors. Please ensure your jewellery is properly cleaned, cared for and stored. Please note that any imperfections are a part of the natural process of manual craftmanship.

Silver jewellery naturally tarnishes over time. Protect your jewellery from scratches, knocks, chemicals, heat and cold. We recommend removing jewellery during showering or bathing, particularly at the beach, sea and swimming pools. This will help to maintain your jewellery's  appearance. Your jewellery should be stored separately, away from extreme temperatures and sunlight and in its original packaging as metals and stones can scratch.

Sterling silver - Sterling silver, once exposed to the atmosphere may become tarnished. In order to restore its shine a non-abrasive jewellery cloth is recommended.

18ct Gold Vermeil - Gold vermeil are layers of 18ct gold over sterling silver. To ensure the gold vermeil lasts, please avoid all contact with perfumes, hairspray and liquids.

Fresh water and cultured pearlsPearls must be treated with special care. Always put on after cosmetics and hairspray has been applied. Use only a soft cloth to clean if necessary.

Gemstones - Hot water, chemicals and cleaners should always be avoided. 

We recommended a clean soft damp cloth if necessary. Paper towels and tissue paper must be avoided as this can cause scratching.


We guarantee the plating of all products for 12 months if the Jewellery care instructions have been followed.
Should you need your item to be replated please email