Great care has been taken to create your jewellery. The condition of your jewellery is influenced by many factors. Please ensure your jewellery is properly cleaned, cared for and stored

Please note that any imperfections are a part of the natural process of manual craftmanship.


Wearing - Silver Jewellery naturally tarnishes over time. Protect your jewellery from scratches, knocks, chemicals, heat and cold. We recommend removing jewellery during showering or bathing, particularly at the beach, sea and swimming pools. 

This will help to maintain your jewellery's  appearance

Storage - Your jewellery should be stored separately, away from extreme temperatures and sunlight and in its original packaging as metals and stones can scratch.

Sterling silver jewellery - Sterling silver , once exposed to the atmosphere may become tarnished. In order to restore its shine a non - abrasive jewellery cloth is recommended.

18ct Gold Vermeil - Gold vermeil are layers of 18ct gold over sterling silver. To ensure the gold vermeil lasts, please avoid all contact with perfumes, hairspray and liquids.

Fresh water and cultured pearlsPearls must be treated with special care. Always put on after cosmetics and hairspray has been applied. Use only a soft cloth to clean if necessary.

Gemstones - Hot water, chemicals and cleaners should always be avoided. 

We recommended a clean soft damp cloth if necessary. Paper towels and tissue paper must be avoided as this can cause scratching.

Susan Caplan hallmarks jewellery in the UK Assay Office.  This fulfills the requirements established by the Law on precious Metals. This is a guarantee and reassurance to our clients of the purity and quality of the metals used.

Furthermore we guarantee each piece of our jewellery for 12 months (under normal wear and tear) and if our care instructions have been followed.