“With the first Christian Dior fashion show in Scotland since 1955 this week, I am reminded of the innovative and spectacular jewellery created by this well known fashion house. Christian Dior jewellery is bold, elegant and feminine. It has lasted the test of time with on trend and beautifully crafted pieces, decade on decade and continues to be a must have wardrobe item for many. Our collection of vintage Dior jewellery is classic and timeless - a great addition to any outfit"
- Susan Caplan -

Christian Dior the French fashion designer was the founder of one of the world's top fashion houses, Christian Dior SE in 1946. Christian Dior is known all around the world, and is perhaps one of the fastest growing fashion houses with far reaching popularity, having gained prominence on five continents in less than a decade after it's creation.

After Christian Dior died suddenly in 1957, the fashion house continued to become a major player in the fashion world producing some of the most iconic and memorable items ever seen on the cat walk. Christian Dior’s designs included jewellery from a very early stage, with unique pieces created to complement clothing along with stand alone statement pieces that would become synonymous with style and grace, globally.

Christian Dior Jewellery

Christian Dior’s jewellery collection is a true masterpiece, often inspired by the beauty of nature. Dior jewellery, with its attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship is a work of art. The use of nature-inspired motifs adds a touch of charm, making these pieces truly unique. Here at Susan Caplan our vintage Christian Dior collection includes beautiful 1980's Dior brooches, timeless earrings, classic necklaces and bold collars all in remarkable condition.