Susan Caplan meets Billie Piper as Sam McAllister in Netflix's 'Scoop' wearing a 1980s vintage Swarovski Chanel brooch. Get the look here. Shop Now

Based on Sam McAllister's book Netflix's new drama Scoop focuses on the 2019 Newsnight interview with the disgraced Duke Of York. The BBC Newsnight interview had its biggest audience since the programme started 46 years ago as almost 2 million people tuned in to see it when it was first aired. Gillian Anderson stars as Emily Maitlis and features Rufus Sewell as Prince Andrew while Keeley Hawes portrays Amanda Thirsk, the former Private secretary to Prince Andrew but it was Billie Piper playing producer Sam McAllister that gave real style to the show.

Billie Piper recently underwent a stunning transformation into the character of BBC producer Sam McAllister. The actress was clad head-to-toe in designer gear, including a 1980's Vintage Chanel brooch, capturing the essence of the character with precision and style. The 1980's Vintage Chanel brooch worn by Billie Piper as Sam McAllister holds a special significance in the world of fashion. Chanel, as we all know, is a renowned luxury brand, with a rich history of creating timeless pieces.



The most desired label in the world. Get the look of Billie Piper in Netflix`s SCOOP with this gold plated logo brooch featuring interlocking CC logo embellished with clear round-cut Swarovski crystals. Safety-catch pin closure, stamped with Chanel authenticity mark.
According to the fashion house Coco Chanel designed the famous logo herself in 1925, finding inspiration from the geometric patterns of stained-glass windows of a chapel in Aubazine, a monastery where Chanel grew up and spent most of her childhood. This Chanel item has been authenticated by Susan Caplan. We are not affiliated or endorsed by the brand.