Susan Caplan's Introduction to Vintage Jewellery

Why Vintage? 

Jewellery introduces you before you even speak - it expresses your personality. The craftsmanship, design, extraordinary detail and individuality of vintage jewellery is what makes it even more prized and significant. There is the social history too, and as a culture we are fascinated by objects that have a past with so many stories behind each piece. There is something quite magical and mystical about a piece of jewellery from an era gone by - it always makes for a topic of conversation!

Reinvigorating the past through the revival of vintage jewellery makes sustainability a key component

Choosing vintage jewellery is environmentally friendly. It reduces the need for new production, lowering the overall environmental impact associated with manufacturing processes. As we focus on reducing our carbon footprint, vintage jewellery (already in existence) goes a long way to drive a much-needed circular economy.


When looking to buy vintage jewellery, we always encourage our consumer to start with a piece that has caught their initial attention. Follow our 3C’s - credibility, craftsmanship & condition. ‘Credibility’ is ensuring its authenticity by establishing if the piece is original. ‘Craftsmanship’ is ensuring that the design was correctly executed for that period by reviewing key components, for example, the weight. ‘Condition’ is understanding if the piece is in its original condition or if there have been any repairs or considerable wear that will affect the value.